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  • No upfront franchise or license fee of any type. You only pay 20% of the fee that student will pay for our course.

  • Help your students to complete advanced grammar and writing only in 90 hours. After this course, your students would able to pass any standardized test in the world.

  • Become the only school in your area as Hamtin/English3 Site Licensee.

  • Get competitive edge and recognition over other 100+ schools not using E3 system. Your school will also earn great income by increasing its current enrollment level. Students from other schools will transfer to your school.

  • Help your students to learn English fast by using "Small Steps Learning" method—the revolutionary webbased English teaching method.

  • Give a life time gift of effective communication skill to your students?

  • Help everyone of your student to have the ability to organize and express their ideas concisely, coherently, and cohesively?

  • Help your students get A+ in any local English exam.

  • Help everyone of your student to gain 10% in grade average for other subjects where English is a medium of teaching?

To help your students to complete their English once and forever, all you have to do is to charge Rs.500 for our course and pay Rs. 100 per active student and provide 45 minutes per day classroom time for English3 course. Your school will be provided a year of access for all active students.