Blue Flower

How it will work?

  • School will allocate one 45 minutes period for E3 Reading and Writing mastery program

  • To conduct the class in this setup, school will allocate one room / or class equipped with Internet connected PCs (or tablets) to match with the number of students to conduct the class.

  • Your 6+ grades students will spend each 45 minutes as follow:

    • Student will spend first 10 minutes to read a story.
    • After that student will rewrite the story.
    • Next, student will 50 small steps to learn 'Grammar for Writing'. There are 4000 steps, so it will take about 80 school days to complete and review all steps and master grade 6 level English aligned with CCSS.

  • Each self study, self correcting step will take less than 30 seconds to complete. This way, 40 steps will take about 20 minutes to complete. Using this plan using and 'Small Steps Learning' method, your students will able to complete all 4000 steps in about 40 hrs (or about 60-80 school days spending 20 minutes per day on this task). The main benefit of this method is that all students will take all steps themselves. By using this method, school doesn't have to teach writing and can allocate more classroom time to literature and other activities such as spelling and vocabulary.

  • This course is student centered. That is—students will take all steps and learn themselves. But, now and then, they might need help. For this reason, school will allocate one teacher to provide instant support.

  • Student will complete two essential vocabulary lists (GSL and GAL) as a homework.

  • School will administer bi-weekly or midway test to make sure students go through appropriate number of steps each day. Teacher can printout test yourself from the course website.

  • School will also administer final test. Once students complete the final test, give theme course completion certification.

  • After completing all 3000 steps, you will start seeing huge improvement in your students writings. You will repeat the same steps for other two levels: Intermediate and advanced.