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Small Steps E-Learning (SSEL) method is better than any other teaching method or textbook currently available in the market. It can be used to self-teach diverse subjects such as math, science, business, and language.

Here is why SSL is better:

It provides better reinforcement:

With the usual textbook, you first study the explanation, which you may or may not understand thoroughly. Next, you apply what you have studied by doing one or two exercises—often with a feeling of uncertainty. Usually, it is not until the next hour or next day that you discover whether or not you did the exercises correctly. (Feeling of uncertainty is still there even if you are doing the whole exercise and self checking it by using the answer keys)

With SSEL, however, as soon as you move to the next step you find out whether your reasoning (or answer) was right. At this point something very important happens: the instant you find out that your reasoning (or answer) is right, all doubt disappears and the idea "takes root", so to speak, in your brain.

The psychologists call this reinforcement, and it is a most important factor in learning. The more quickly the reinforcement takes place after writing (or speaking) of your answer, the better you learn. (Even gap of  more than few seconds can effect your reinforcement.)

It helps you finish any course faster:

With SSEL instruction, you can progress at your own best rate. Many students have completed entire courses in a fraction of the time required by the traditional textbook method and have demonstrated a better mastery of the subject matter. With SSL instruction, your mind is constantly in high gear.

You lose no time waiting for other students to recite, correcting other students' papers, or listening to a discussion of other students' mistakes. In the rapidly developing world of today, education is becoming a longer and longer road. The time you save by this new scientific method can be used for other important educational activities.

It helps you to get effective and faster help:

Should you, now and then, come up with a step that needs an explanation or difficult to understand, just take these simple steps: First, back track few steps and re-read them few times. If this doesn't solve the problem, then go over course forum and look for the solution there. Majority of the times, you will find your answer in the course forum. Finally, if you still can't find the right answer in the forum either, then, post your question into appropriate thread or start a new thread with the appropriate step number. This way, your assigned tutor / teacher or support staff (for the paid course) will know exactly where you need help and will reply to you within 24 hours. You will find more info on this in 'Support & Guideline' section of your course. If a student is taking this course in a live online or offline classroom environment, then, teacher conducting the class will able to reply immediately.