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There is no license fee to become E3-Hamtin Site Licensee. You just pay on per active student basis which is only $1 per student per month—an 80% savings on our published price. To avail of this price, you will only need to bulk enroll a minimum of 10 students in each calender year.

After completing English grammar and writing courses, your students grammar and writing will be complete once and forever. For more info send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or open up a ticket in Helpdesk by clicking on 'Support' button at the top.

How it will work?

  • School will allocate one 45 minutes period for E3 Reading and Writing mastery program

  • To conduct the class in this setup, school will allocate one room / or class equipped with Internet connected PCs (or tablets) to match with the number of students to conduct the class.

  • Your 6+ grades students will spend each 45 minutes as follow:

    • Student will spend first 10 minutes to read a story.
    • After that student will rewrite the story.
    • Next, student will 50 small steps to learn 'Grammar for Writing'. There are 4000 steps, so it will take about 80 school days to complete and review all steps and master grade 6 level English aligned with CCSS.

  • Each self study, self correcting step will take less than 30 seconds to complete. This way, 40 steps will take about 20 minutes to complete. Using this plan using and 'Small Steps Learning' method, your students will able to complete all 4000 steps in about 40 hrs (or about 60-80 school days spending 20 minutes per day on this task). The main benefit of this method is that all students will take all steps themselves. By using this method, school doesn't have to teach writing and can allocate more classroom time to literature and other activities such as spelling and vocabulary.

  • This course is student centered. That is—students will take all steps and learn themselves. But, now and then, they might need help. For this reason, school will allocate one teacher to provide instant support.

  • Student will complete two essential vocabulary lists (GSL and GAL) as a homework.

  • School will administer bi-weekly or midway test to make sure students go through appropriate number of steps each day. Teacher can printout test yourself from the course website.

  • School will also administer final test. Once students complete the final test, give theme course completion certification.

  • After completing all 3000 steps, you will start seeing huge improvement in your students writings. You will repeat the same steps for other two levels: Intermediate and advanced.

E-learning is revolutionizing eduction. Now you can also become part of this revolution by become school partner. After becoming our school partner, you will able to offer webbased 'Small Steps learning" (SSL) system to your 6+ grades students to learn English grammar and writing. With SSL system, your 6th grader will able to read and write Intermediate or CEF's B* level English and your 8th grader will able to read and write Advanced or CEF's C level English. After completing Advanced English level, your students' English will be complete and he or she will able to pass English portion of any local or international college admission or standardized test such as IETLS, TOELF, SAT, and many more with ease.

No other school in your area will able to do this for its students. In other words, you will not have any competition and will able to attract more students for your school.

Note: CEF stands for 'Common European Framework'. It is a standard frame work to measure language proficiency. It has three major levels. 'A' stands for Elementary level, 'B' for Intermediate, and 'C' stands for Advanced level.


Few Yes or No Questions:

  • Do you want to enroll 1000+ new students in your school by offering "Small Steps Learning" system—a revolutionary teaching system— to teach English using Internet connected PC or smart phone.

  • Do you want your 6th grader to read and  write English at 10th grade (or CERF's B1) level.

  • Do you want your 7th grader to read and  write English at 12th grade (or CERF's B2) level.

  • Do you want your 8th grader to read, write, and Speak English at Advanced (or C1) level of Common European Framework. Note: At Advanced or C1 level, your 8th grader English will be complete and they will able to pass any standardized test—such as SAT, TOEFL—with ease.

  • Do you want to be part of a brand name without paying any franchise fee

  • Do you want to offer revolutionary English Reading and Writing course and also earn Rs. 400 per student which parents will pay gladly because parents will provide worldclass education to their children at bargain price.

  • Do you want to give a life time gift of effective communication skill to your students

  • Do you want everyone of your student to have the ability to organize and express their ideas concisely, coherently, and cohesively

  • Do you want your 8th graders to master 10th grade level English and pass TOEFL junior exam or get A+ in any local English exam for his or her grade level.

  • Do you want your 8th graders to never worry about English anymore and get A+ in any local English exam

  • Do you want everyone of your student to gain 10% in grade average in other subjects where English is a medium of teaching

  • Do you want your school to get competitive edge and recognition over all other schools in your area not using 'Small Steps Learning' system

  • Do you want to earn great income along the way by enrolling thousand or more students within 3 years after becoming our partner

If your answers to most of above questions are yes, then, what you are waiting for! Join us today to become part of education revolution and become No.1 school in your area.

Your school can join as an "E3 Site Licensee" (E3SL) by agreeing to the following 'Terms and Conditions':

  1. Within 30 days, after submitting the 'School Registration Form', provide to English3 one (1) teacher staff to take all Level-1 online courses in all English3 suites. This will help your teacher to understand how English3 courses work. English3 will provide a dedicated training staff for this initial training. There is no Fee for this training. Failure to provide one staff to get the training within 30 days of submitting 'School Registration From' will cancel the existing registration and exclusive territory with it. After this initial training, once classes are started, remaining three months training will be provide by English3 at no cost as well.
  2. Provide minimum of 10 PCs or Tablets. Each set of 10 PCs must have 1MB broadband Internet connection.
  3. Timely payment of monthly tuition dues and other charges due to E3.
  4. Maintenance of regular class schedules at least 5 days a week.
  5. Within 90 days of operating English3 Learning Center, Licensee must place "English Course Is Provided by" sign(s) in next to or near to the school sign.
  6. If agreement is terminated by either party for any reason, school will not use for 5 years after the termination of contract, English3 mark(s) or web-based English teaching system based upon "Small Steps Learning" method.
  7. There will be only five (5) E3 Site Licenceses in each of 'Two Hundred Thousands' (200,000) population territory.
  8. Every 3 months, school must make its students and teachers available to conduct routine survey for quality insurance porpose.
  9. Every 3 months, E3 will inspect all E3 Site Licensee for quality insurance purpose.