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Your school can join as an "E3 Site Licensee" (E3SL) by agreeing to the following 'Terms and Conditions':

  1. Within 30 days, after submitting the 'School Registration Form', provide to English3 one (1) teacher staff to take all Level-1 online courses in all English3 suites. This will help your teacher to understand how English3 courses work. English3 will provide a dedicated training staff for this initial training. There is no Fee for this training. Failure to provide one staff to get the training within 30 days of submitting 'School Registration From' will cancel the existing registration and exclusive territory with it. After this initial training, once classes are started, remaining three months training will be provide by English3 at no cost as well.
  2. Provide minimum of 10 PCs or Tablets. Each set of 10 PCs must have 1MB broadband Internet connection.
  3. Timely payment of monthly tuition dues and other charges due to E3.
  4. Maintenance of regular class schedules at least 5 days a week.
  5. Within 90 days of operating English3 Learning Center, Licensee must place "English Course Is Provided by" sign(s) in next to or near to the school sign.
  6. If agreement is terminated by either party for any reason, school will not use for 5 years after the termination of contract, English3 mark(s) or web-based English teaching system based upon "Small Steps Learning" method.
  7. There will be only five (5) E3 Site Licenceses in each of 'Two Hundred Thousands' (200,000) population territory.
  8. Every 3 months, school must make its students and teachers available to conduct routine survey for quality insurance porpose.
  9. Every 3 months, E3 will inspect all E3 Site Licensee for quality insurance purpose.