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Benefits of becoming E3 Site or Course Licensee:


E3 Site License is FREE: This arrangement is better than Berlitz® Learning Center franchise system where you will need to pay $40,000 to become Berlitz®  Site Licensee. By partnering with us, you will not only save $40,000 franchise fee, but will offer much better program to your students in your exclusive area. In addition, since we will manage the program and English teachers centrally for you, you also will not have a headache of managing physical classes yourself and hiring/training English teachers. Our partnership, will not only give you a competitive edge (no other test prep/coaching center will be offering this program in your area) but will also generate great extra income for your institute.


Earn more: From 100% gross fee that you will collect from each student for our suites, you will pay us only 20%.


You will become one of the top institutes in your area: Your facility will be using cutting edge technologies to help its students to learn advanced English at the fraction of time compare to other programs and retain it FOR LIFE. This will help it to become one of the top institutes in your area.


Large territory: E3 will offer you a large territory with 1 million population.


Saving 95% on marketing cost: Besides having an exclusive area with 1 million population, by using newspapers, SMS's, emails and other regional co-op marketing programs, your institute will able to reach most prospective students in your area by paying 95% less on adverting and marketing costs.


Proven Learning Methods:  Your student will be able to use proven 'Small Step Learning' method, the most advanced webbased learning method in the world, to learn advanced English. No classroom teaching can teach Level-1 student advanced Grammar and Writing in only 200 hours.


Your Student Will Able to Complete Their English Fast:

After completing E3 Grammar & Writing Suite, your students will know all the English that they will ever need to pass any standardized test in the world.


You will able to offer the following E3 Suites to your students:

  • E3 Grammar &  Writing Suite—This suite will take about 90 hours to complete. After completing this course, your students will able to pass Grammar and Writing portion of any standardized and aptitude test in the world.
  • E3 Speaking Suite—To speak fluent English in 400 hours or less