Blue Flower

Benefits of becoming E3 Site or Course Licensee:


E3 Site License is FREE: This arrangement is better than Berlitz® Learning Center franchise system where you will need to pay $40,000 to become Berlitz®  Site Licensee to offer English courses. By partnering with us, you will not only save $40,000 license fee, but will offer much better program to your students. After joining us, you will become the only 1 of 5 schools in your area which is offering this program.


For only $1/month per active student (for which you can charge $5 to $500/student/mo), you will able to use the most advanced learning method to teach English fast: Your 6+ grades student will be able to use proven 'Small Step Learning' method, the most advanced webbased learning method in the world, to learn advanced English in less than 90 hours. No classroom teaching can teach Level-1 student advanced English in only 90 hours.


Do for your students that very few schools can do—make your students master of English Grammar and Writing in only 90 hours (or 30 hours per school year by conducting 45 minutes class 5 days a week): After completing all courses in E3 Foundation Suite, your students will know all the English they need to pass any standardized test in the world. They will never need to take any other Vocabulary, Grammar or Writing course—ever. No other non-licensed school will  able to do it. This will give you a competitive edge over all other schools. By having E3 in your side, you will able to attract more students into your school.


4 R's: 3R's are not enough anymore. In 21st century, every student needs to master 4R's: Reading, wRiting, aRithmatic, and InteRnet. With the advent of 'Smartphone', Internet is becoming the starting point to access all types of information, ebooks, and e-libraries. Knowing how to tap into these resources and use it, will be the key to become a successful student in 21st century. As an E3 licensee, you will help all your students to master all 4 R's: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and the InteRnet. After mastering all 4 R's, your students will able to understand any subject in the world using the Internet. After this, they will able to read all types of sciences, social study texts (or e-texts) and will able to write on it in their own words on their own blogs. No more rote learning or memorizing.      


No disturbance to your existing school setting: Each class will last only 45 minutes so there is no disturbance to your existing school setting.


Make your 8th grader super reader and writer: From the collection of 400+ short stories, each day, your student will read one story and then write it in their own words one story. This reading and rewriting process will help them to read articles and stories from general science and other subjects then rewrite them in their own words to make them super reader and writer. No more rote learning or memorizing. Isn't this is the main purpose to teach English language art class.


English for life: Your school would be recognize for using cutting edge e-learning technologies to help its students to learn advanced English at the fraction of time compare to other programs and retain it FOR LIFE.


Your school will stay open: Your school will stay open by enabling its students to complete advanced English before finishing grade 8. Any school in 21st century which can't do it, won't survive.