Blue Flower

How it will work?

  • Under this model, your 11+ grades students will complete E3 Elementary Grammar course by taking 300 small steps by studying 4 hours per day day using Internet connected smart phones. It will take about 90 class hours to  complete the course.

  • To conduct the class in this setup, you will allocate one room / or class equipped with Internet connected smaprt phones, tablets, or PCs to match with the number of students to conduct the class. Students may bring their own smart phones.

  • Each self study, self correcting step will take less than 30 seconds to complete. This way, 300 steps will take about 3 hours  to complete. By using 'Small Steps Learning' method, your students will able to complete all 9000 steps in about 90 hours (or about in 30 days). In addition, to learn to read and write, student will spend 30 minutes in reading and writing one story. To learn to speak fluently, each day, student will also allocate 30 minutes on listening and telling one story in 3 different time frames. The main benefit of this method is that all students will take all steps themselves.

  • This course is student centered. In other words, your students will take all steps and learn themselves. But, now and then, they might need help. You will allocated one teacher to provide instant support as mentor or guide.

  • Teacher will administer bi-weekly or midway test to make sure students go through appropriate number of steps each day. Teacher can printout test yourself from the course website.

  • Teacher will also administer final test. Once students complete the final test, give theme course completion certification.

  • That's all. After completing the course, your student will able to get top grades in any standardized test in the world.