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Once you will start taking the Speaking3 course, you should become a fluent speaker in 12 to 24 weeks. But it is possible to assess how much of communication has been comprehended or how much you are learning.

Evidence Of Story Listening & Telling Skills

At beginner level, you will able to answer non-subjective factual questions such as the names of the characters, the stated setting of the story, the subject matter of the story.

At intermediate level, you will able to summarize the story in an organized fashion with a beginning/middle/end feel.

At proficient level, you will able to retell the story in a sequence of events with descriptive details, dialogue, and characterization.

Master Story Teller:
At a master level, you will able to skillfully retell the story with a sense of metaphor making it relevant. to listeners.

Please note: Unlike some other companies which make you pay extra for each additional level, E3 will let you accomplish all above levels within the Speaking3 suite without paying extra.