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With E3 Speaking Suite, Now You Can Speak Basic or Beginner  English in 4 Weeks, Intermediate in 12 and Fluent in 24 Weeks by Listening and Telling One New Story Per Week

The best part is that you will do it all without memorizing anything. What could be better than this.

To speak like a native, you need to learn how most natives learn their language. All natives learn their mother tongue without studying and memorizing all complex grammar rules. So, at least initially, leave your grammar at home, relax and let our course walk you through step by step. After listening, re-telling one new story per week for 4 weeks, you should start speaking English at elementary or basic level. After listening and telling one new story per week for 12 weeks, you will able to speak Intermediate to fluent English for most common situations such as job interview, business, and informal conversation.