Blue Flower

E3 Speaking:

Forget about learning to speak by memorizing caned sentences from text books or even listing and memorizing canned sentences out of context. You will never become fluent with that outdated method—even after 24 months of memorizing 1000's of sentences. To become fluent English speaker in 6 months or less without memorizing do the following:

  • Each week, you will listen & retell one (and only one) new short story. You can choose from anyone of 24+ stories. 

  • After listening to a new story, you will be asked to answer question, which you must answer spontaneously or without thinking about grammar or sentence structure. 

  • Within two weeks of signing up, we will assign you a native English speaker from USA or Canada as a tutor. You will retell him or her the story that you are working on. Each story should be told in present, past and future time frames.

  • If there is no tutor, you will then just listen retell one story per week to yourself or to a friend. You can also record it and hear it yourself. 

  • Once you can retell the story in three different time frames, you will then move on to the new story. Otherwise, you will keep working on the same story until you can retell the story as a natural story teller.

  • Do it for 12 to 24 stories for 12 to 24 weeks.

  • Most people can start speaking basic or beginner English in 4 and fluent in 12 to 24 weeks. To become English master speaker, add more stories. But do not exceed more than one story per week.

That's all. At the end of 12 to 24 weeks (or three to six months), you will be a fluent English speaker.