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Benefits of referring AMSAP / E3 Course to Your Students:

  • This is the only English course where after completing the course, student's English will also be complete. 

  • Your weak students will have access to world class self study course which is student centered, self corrected, and self paced. 

  • To learn English grammar fast, your student will be able to use proven 'Small Step Learning' method, the most advanced webbased learning method in the world, to learn grammar in only 180 hours (or about in 4 months studying 2 hour / day). No classroom teaching can teach Level-1 student advanced English in only 200 hours.

  • After completing this course, your students will know Advanced level Grammar and Writing to get high score in any standardized test in the world. 

  • You will able to give a life time gift of effective communication skill to your students.

  • You will earn 20% referral fee.

Do you want all your students to become master of Reading and Writing so they can ace the coming English exam?

If answer is yes, then, just refer / recommend your students to Auxtar English test prep course. Your students by studying via Skype only 2 hours per day for 60 days will master English reading and writing with 100% satisfaction guarantee and would able to get high marks.

By referring and teaching your students E3 course, you can earn 60%. If you only want to refer students then the referral fee is 20%.

To see huge improvement in your student's writings, check our free sample lessons on website, and if you like them, start referring  11+ students to E3 TestPrep and E3 Grammar for Writing course.

To become Institute Affiliate, register today. After registering your institute, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you need any help regarding this program, just open a ticket and we will reply you within 24 hours.  

We make it easy for your institute to refer / sign students for E3 course

  • First Monday of every month, just administer paper based monthly English Grammar for Writing practice tests to test their standard English writing capability. All test questions are multiple choice, so it is easy to mark.

  • Refer E3 Grammar for Writing course to your week students or to students who fail the test.