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By taking Speaking3, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will save years: By going through daily Story Listening and Telling proven method using your PC or Smartphone from anywhere in the world, you will master all the fundamental elements of English Speaking and will able to start speaking English in 8 weeks or less.

  • You will not waste anymore money on English learning centers that promise you the world, but never seem to deliver, or on speaking courses that simply end up collecting dust on your book shelf.™ GUARANTEES that if you go through Daily Story Listening and Telling method for 8 weeks, you will start speaking at Intermediate level or your money back!

  • You will learn speaking from the native English speaker: Once every month, English native speaker from the U.S. or Canada will listen to your stories via Skype or Google Hangout and will offer suggestions.

  • Our "Story Listening and Telling" learning method has proven to be far more efficient, effective and affordable than any other English speaking learning program available today.

  • The Deep Learning method helps you to use English automatically. No more translating. No more thinking. The words just come out

  • It helps you to learn English in a relaxing way by listening to 30 mini stories and real English articles about interesting topics

  • You will learn essential vocabulary and grammar (for speaking) just by listening & answering mini stories—all without memorizing. These steps or lessons are simple. You will learn essential grammar and vocabulary without studying or memorizing

  • Helps you to learn speaking naturally—just the way children do

  • Helps you to raise your iBT TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS speaking and listening scores

  • Helps you to start speaking fluent English in almost any situation

  • It will boost your career — Superiors will immediately assume that you are more competent than your peers. Guess who's going to come to mind for a promotion this month?

  • It will improve your communication — No more letting your career and life suffer because of "bad communication skills". Impress people with your language and make every word & sentence count

  • Helps you to develop feel for the language — Listening stories will help you develop feel for the spoken language. Even studying grammar for years, most people don't develop feeling or connection with English language, and therefore, can't speak fluently. With E3 Speaking Suite, you will develop feeling for the language which, eventually, will help you to speak fluent English.