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Now Student Can Ace K5 to K12 Tests by Mastering English Reading and Writing Foundation Skills in 1, 2 or 4 months with 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

You will use easy Small Steps Learning method and AMSAP proven study plan to master the test. 

Dear Friend,

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, this past year, a young woman received the devastating news. She had just gotten back her result on the Test. It was not what she had hoped for. In fact, it was not even close to the expectations she had considering her past experience and educational background.

Her test score was embarrassingly low.

Then she remembered her friends and felt even worse. She did not look forward to having to tell them the embarrassing news, especially after she had boasted that it was no big deal. She had been procrastinating about taking the exam because she hated standardized tests, and this only confirmed her hatred.

"What will I do now?" she thought with dismay, slowly realizing the harsh reality of her predicament and its upsetting implications on her future.

Unfortunately, this hypothetical situation occurs all the time. Someone thought they were going to breeze through the examination, told all their friends, made plans for their future, and then got an embarrassing reality check after looking at the score.

What Actually is Tested on the K5-K12 English Test 

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) K12 English test is quite simply an objective assessment of a test taker's requisite foundation of knowledge and skills.

Common Core based test scores are used by the individual state school boards as a uniform standard of qualification. While it may not be fair, all of a person's plans for the future may be dependent upon needing a certain Common Core based test score.

That is the whole purpose of our Common Core study guide: to give test takers the requisite foundation skills and keys to understand how to succeed on their Common Core based test.

Common Core based test scores are used by the individual state school boards as a uniform standard of qualification. While it may not be fair, all of a person's plans for the future may be dependent upon needing a certain Common Core based test score.

That is the whole purpose of our Common Core study guide: to give test takers the requisite foundation skills and keys to understand how to succeed on their Common Core based test.

The Common Mistakes That Most People Make While Preparing for the K5-K12 English Test and How to Avoid It?

Two common mistakes:

  • One, people focus on learning test strategies and some test material but NOT the foundation skills. That's not necessarily good enough to get a high score. No amount of test strategies and tips can help you get the score that you need if your foundation knowledge skills for the test are weak. For the foundation skills, you can't depend upon test prep books. In fact, almost all test prep publishing companies assume that you know the foundation skills and focus on teaching the strategies and the test format. To avoid this mistake, you must make sure you have mastered the foundations skills needed to get high score on the test.

  • Two, people apply test strategies and tips by practicing nonofficial practice tests. It is a great waste of time because it is very difficult to learn the test pattern by practicing tests which are not authored by the official test giver. To avoid this mistake always use official practice tests because only the official tests can pin point your strengths and weakness accurately. 

How AMSAP's Simple 5 Steps System is the Key to Ace K5-K12-English English Exam

By using proven AMSAP test prep system, you will complete the following 5 steps

  • Assess your current weakness and strengths by taking diagnostic test

  • Mastery of  Reading, Writing and other foundation knowledge skills related to the test. A standardized test is quite simply an objective assessment of a test taker's requisite foundation of knowledge of Reading, Writing and other important foundation skills.  Without foundation knowledge and skills, no tricks and tips will improve your score. To master all foundation skills in the shortest time possible, you mainly will use 'Small Steps E-Learning' (SSEL) method and Flashcards Training System.

  • Strategy and test format review. You will review all key test strategies

  • Asses again by taking the second diagnostic test. By taking the second test, you will know your weakness and know what to focus on 

  • Practice test. Take remaining 5 practice tests. More are the better. After taking each practice test, you will have chance to know and improve your weakness. 2 of 5 tests should have full explanation with tips and strategies. These tests will act as your private one-on-one tutor. Like all private tutor, these tests will let your know your strengths and pin point your weakness so you can improve upon them.  By the time you will be on your 5th test, you will be ready to take exam.

Benefits of AMSAP Test Prep System

  • You will save time: From very first day, by assessing your strengths and weaknesses, you will know where you stand and will able to pinpoint areas which need your attention.

  • By mastering foundation knowledge and skills by using 'Small Steps e-Learning (SSeL) method, you will master the test.

  • Your own private tutor. A practice test acts as your private tutor. Like a private tutor, it will let you know exactly where you stand and what to improve upon. Past official practice tests are the best way to know the test format and its patterns to master the actual test.

Why Use Small Steps E-Learning  (SSEL) Method to Master Foundation Skills Fast

What is Small Steps E-Learning

  • The purpose of learning through a 'Small Steps e-Learning' (SSeL) method is to help the learner to learn fast and deeper by "managing the human learning process under controlled conditions".

  • Course is divided into small narrow topics or units and then each unit is divided into small steps. Each step contains a small segment of the information to be learned, and a question which a student must answer before moving on to the next step.

  • Once answer is given, an immediate feedback, both positive and/or negative is provided to the student and is directed to additional information based on an incorrect answer.

  • It is self-paced by the learner and based upon student centered pedagogical principles. In other words, the student controls the pace of the learning.

  • Once all steps are completed, student will know the subject matter thoroughly.

  • After completing the regular steps, student goes through key review steps 7 times in an adaptive mode. Going through review steps 7 times in an adaptive mode will enable student to retain the subject matter for longer period of time—usually for life.

Benefits of Small Steps E-Learning

Small Steps E-Learning (SSEL) method is better than any other teaching method or textbook currently available in the market. It can be used to self-teach diverse subjects such as math, science, business, and language.

Here is why SSL is better:

It provides better reinforcement:

With the usual textbook, you first study the explanation, which you may or may not understand thoroughly. Next, you apply what you have studied by doing one or two exercises—often with a feeling of uncertainty. Usually, it is not until the next hour or next day that you discover whether or not you did the exercises correctly. (Feeling of uncertainty is still there even if you are doing the whole exercise and self checking it by using the answer keys)

With SSEL, however, as soon as you move to the next step you find out whether your reasoning (or answer) was right. At this point something very important happens: the instant you find out that your reasoning (or answer) is right, all doubt disappears and the idea "takes root", so to speak, in your brain.

The psychologists call this reinforcement, and it is a most important factor in learning. The more quickly the reinforcement takes place after writing (or speaking) of your answer, the better you learn. (Even gap of  more than few seconds can effect your reinforcement.)

It helps you finish any course faster:

With SSEL instruction, you can progress at your own best rate. Many students have completed entire courses in a fraction of the time required by the traditional textbook method and have demonstrated a better mastery of the subject matter. With SSL instruction, your mind is constantly in high gear.

You lose no time waiting for other students to recite, correcting other students' papers, or listening to a discussion of other students' mistakes. In the rapidly developing world of today, education is becoming a longer and longer road. The time you save by this new scientific method can be used for other important educational activities.

It helps you to get effective and faster help:

Should you, now and then, come up with a step that needs an explanation or difficult to understand, just take these simple steps: First, back track few steps and re-read them few times. If this doesn't solve the problem, then go over course forum and look for the solution there. Majority of the times, you will find your answer in the course forum. Finally, if you still can't find the right answer in the forum either, then, post your question into appropriate thread or start a new thread with the appropriate step number. This way, your assigned tutor / teacher or support staff (for the paid course) will know exactly where you need help and will reply to you within 24 hours. You will find more info on this in 'Support & Guideline' section of your course. If a student is taking this course in a live online or offline classroom environment, then, teacher conducting the class will able to reply immediately.

How K5-K12 English Mastery Study Plan Works?

After enrolling with English3, student will use his or her smart phone (or internet connected Tablet / PC) to access E3 Writing course. The online tutor will guide the student to take the following steps:

  • Student will take a diagnostic test so tutor can assign the right steps to start with

  • Everyday, student will take 100 to 400 small steps (or small lessons) to master Reading and Writing skills.

  • Each lesson starts from very basic and asks a question which student must answer.

    • These lessons teach fundamental elements of grammar, sentence combining, sentence structure, the placement of modifiers, and relationships between clauses.

    • Student will also learn how to avoid unnecessary shifts in sentence construction,  run-on sentences, and sentence fragments, etc.

    • Further, student will also learn sentence improvement and paragraph improvement. 

  • Everyday, student will also read and rewrite or summarize one model essay or an article. Student will have access to 1000+ model essays and can choose articles from, or Wikipedia or any other source.

  • That's all! At the end of 30-day course, student's English Grammar and Writing foundation skills will be complete, and student should able to write correct, coherent, and cohesive English to get high score in the exam.
  • After completion of Reading and Writing foundation skills, student will review all core strategies
  • After the strategies review, student will start practicing 5 official tests to master the test

The Auxtar's Exclusive K5-K12 English Test Taking Techniques

  • Explains how the Test time limits are the #1 enemy of most test takers, and what you can do about it- You avoid falling into the many "time traps" built into the test, giving you an immeasurable advantage over those who go into the test unaware

  • Shows you super speed methods to get through the questions you know with ease- Saving you time so you concentrate on the hardest questions without rushing

  • Get quick, customized help for the questions you have- just send us a quick email and we'll get back to you promptly with the answer

  • Keys to questions that "give away" the wrong (or right) answers- You get credit for some of the questions without really even knowing anything about them

  • Details the EXACT STUDY PLAN for the Test that we believe gives the most results in the least time- No matter if you're studying for a week or a month, you won't waste the precious study time you have on useless activities

  • Our researchers are more than just academic theoreticians who understand the technical nature of standardized tests, but are also experts on test taking itself- they reveal the exact skills and the information you'll need to perform under pressure during the test

  • A systematic analysis and the best breakdown into "plain language" of how to deconstruct and master complex problems- You turn the problems that most of the test takers will stumble over to your advantage

  • Learn why, when, and how to guess to your advantage. Many test takers use exactly the wrong strategy, but you can avoid the pitfalls with the help of our standardized test experts

  • The secret keys that "gives away" the right answer a lot of the time- You know the special "flags" and the specific "giveaways" to look for

  • Includes instructions detailing the best way for you to get started with your preparation efforts so you can begin the path of improving your scores immediately

  • The most efficient and accurate method for picking the right answer- You won't be scratching your head trying to read the mind of the test question writer, but will instead know exactly what to look for to pick the best answer

  • Our quick problem solving method for difficult problems- You speed right through these notorious time-wasters

  • Courteous, unlimited customer service is 100% free- if you need the product emailed to a different address, lose the product, or have any other difficulty- the help you need is just a short email away and our representatives are active 7 days a week helping customers

  • The research of our team of test experts is 100% independent and original

  • Our exclusive "calibration strategy" to help you never go too fast OR too slow when answering even the toughest questions

  • The 5-step process we've developed, what we call the "phased" approach, concerning the use of the various study aids and practice tests

  • How the problem of procrastination can kill your chance of success, and the most important thing you can do about it

  • How to know when you've studied as much as you need to for the exam- and the reason why we think some people should spend LESS time studying for the test

  • The Top 20 things you should take care of within 24 hours of taking the test- use the list we provide as a checklist to make sure you've taken care of the "little things" in addition to studying hard

  • How to predict the right answer before you see the answer choices- and how to prevent the wrong answers from "polluting" your mind and tempting you into a trap designed by the test writers

  • Why answers that "sound" correct are often the very ones that are wrong- and how to tell the difference between the right answer and the many clever-sounding traps set for you by the test writers

  • Our "benchmark" method for deciding which of the answer choices you should pick

  • How some of the random bits of information in a question often "give away" the right answer choice

  • How to "milk the question" for clues to the right answer even if you have no idea what the question is asking about

  • How to avoid panicking when you don't know the answer to a question- we offer a systematic method that will serve as the "lifeline" you need to minimize the time wasted on the test questions that leave you stumped

  • What to do about the tough questions that you have no clue how to answer- don't just give up, use the advice we offer to make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting the right answer

  • How to use our brainstorming method to get "inside the question" and reveal the hard-to-find clues and some of the subtle things you didn't realize you knew

  • Do you know what a "hedge phrase" is? Learn why looking for the key "weasel words" in the question can help identify the correct answer

  • Why "new information" in the answer choices almost always means that the answer choice is wrong- and the way to avoid this trick planted by the clever test writers

  • Learn to avoid this time-draining mistake on the test - why the technical terms you don't know can be a major stumbling block and waste precious time, and the way that you can work around them

  • The secret to using the contextual clues in the questions and the answer choices to make important distinctions between the right and the wrong answer choices

  • The two situations where you should NOT check your answers thoroughly

  • How to avoid careless mistakes by using the quick "double check" system. It will more than pay for itself relative to the time it will take you

  • Test writers will often quote directly from the question in an answer- learn whether this is something you should trust or avoid

  • Why "extreme statements" in the answer choices are dead giveaways for wrong answers- find out how to detect the subtle differences between reasonable answers and the answers that are almost always wrong

  • Learn how to group your answer choices into "families" that often narrows down the pool of correct answers- this is a quick way to immediately eliminate one or two of the answer choices and increase your odds of getting the question right

Listen to What Our Customers Say About This & Other Auxtar Test Preparation Courses


I just had to thank you guys for the test prep! I bought the course as a last minute prep, I mean maybe 30 days before the test. Like I said, I had ZERO preparation! I was nervous about the test let alone receiving the score I needed. I went through the course only once before test time and needless to say, the only way I passed was thanks to your refresher!! Brian

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I am completely satisfied with the product. I had already taken the test once and landed in the 75 percentile of those taking it with me. I took the test a second time and used some of your tips and raised my score to the 97 percentile. Thanks for my much improved score. Denise W.

I heard about your website from a friend. I am enrolled in a review course, and in hindsight, I wish I wouldn't have taken my review course and instead spent a fraction of the money on your program. Thank you! Zac L.

I purchased the the course, and I just wanted to let you know that I got a 99% on my test. I just want to thank you again, and hope you have continued success in your ventures. Sincerely, Paul L.


Warning: Always Look for These 6 Criteria Before Taking K5-K12 English Test Prep e-Course

There is a lot of confusion surrounding studying for the test. In our opinion, these are the 6 criteria you should always look for in an online course:

One: The online course must be written by writers who have painstakingly researched the topics and concepts needed to succeed on the test. The blind cannot hope to lead the blind.

Two: The online course must be written in easy-to-use everyday language so all test takers can access the information.

Three: The oneline course must be to-the-point, with no fluff to distract the test taker from the truly important information.

Four: The online course must address the foundation knowledge first, strategies second. If the strategies was the only thing that was important, then every test taker that understood the strategies should get a perfect score- that doesn't happen because there's a difference between simply knowing what's on the test and the way you perform on the test. You want a course to close that gap.

Five: The online course must motivate the test taker to actually study for the exam. If the course is hard to read, the time spent studying will be slow and painful, and the results will be meager.

Six: The online course must be guaranteed- if you are not 100% satisfied, you get your money back- no questions asked.

Key Features

Learn Online

  • Learn on your schedule from your home, office or school 
  • Access lessons anytime and review (or re-watch) whenever you need to
  • Ask questions directly to your personal tutor via Skype, forum or email

Small Steps E-Learning Method

  • Each exam or test course is divided into about 10,000 small steps
  • Each step takes only 30 seconds to complete
  • The whole course takes about 100 hours to complete
  • Each step explains something and then asks a question
  • Each wrong answer has an explanation
  • There is a small test after every 100 steps 
  • Each student also takes a halfway test and a final test to gauge his or her mastery of the subject
  • After the course completion, student takes 5 to 10 official tests under test conditions

Complete Curriculum

  • Everything you need to succeed on the TEST
  • Complete coverage of every section
  • Personal tutoring, explanations and more

Detailed Explanation

  • In-depth explanations for actual TEST questions
  • Analysis of each right and wrong answer choice
  • Personal assistance from your instructor if you need additional help with a question

Five Full Length Tests

  • Five Full Length tests fully explained

Tutor Assistance

  • Online tutoring for one hour per day 5 days a week is provided via Skype or Google Hangout
  • 24 hour email/forum response for additional help


Guarantee Badge

  • Love the course or we give you a full refund
  • Just let us know in the first 60 days and we will refund every penny


You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

When you consider what's at stake with the exam, we believe the value of our e-course gives you at least ten times your money's worth.

Along with a complete, in-depth e-course for your specific test plus all of the other special tips and secrets we have included to help you prepare for the exam...

In summary, here's what you get:

When you buy our e-course, it includes-

The 5 Secret Keys to Test Success: 

  • Time is Your Greatest Enemy

  • Guessing is Not Guesswork

  • Practice Smarter, Not Harder

  • Prepare, Don't Procrastinate

  • Test Yourself

The Vocabulary foundation review including:

Vocabulary: Stock of proper words not only helps you in reading, it also gives great ideas for your writing and makes it more powerful. These 3500 words, selected from General Service List (GSL-1500), General Academic List (GAL-1000) - 1000, and General Test List (GTL-1000) are all the words that you need to succeed in education, job and to pass the any standardized test such as this one. To know all 3500 words in 10 days or less, you will take the following steps:

  • You will listen these 3500 words' audio in one sitting about 3 times to know the proper pronunciation. Each listening will take about 3 hours to complete.

  • After listing these words 3 times, you will use Flashcards Trainer based upon Leitner System which will help you to memorize the list in shortest time possible by only presenting you the words that you don't already know. To commit these words into long term memory,  you will go through the whole list about 10 times. By using the Flashcards Trainer, you should able to memorize all 3500 words in 30 hours or less.

The Reading foundation review including:

E3 Reading: The E3 Reading, which is a reading foundation course, will help you to read critically by taking 300 small steps. Poor reading habit will hurt you everywhere; at work and at school. If your reading comprehension is poor—no matter how much grammar you know—your writing, with no substance, will be ineffective. In addition, critical reading gives you ability to understand author's point of view or extract ideas, which eventually makes you a critical reader and an effective writer. Reading course (along with vocabulary course) will help you to read critically and effectively variety of text such as literature, novel, science, philosophy, business, or anything your heart desire. After completing this course, you will able to do the following:

  • Finding the main idea or theme of a written piece which is one of the most important aspects of good reading comprehension
  • Finding the topic sentence. Looking for the topic sentence is a good skill to have when ferreting out the meaning of a reading passage

  • Finding the author’s motive for writing the passage. As newspaper reporters do, you will able to ask the questions, “Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why?” You will know the author’s purpose: Is it to inform you of facts, persuade you of something, or simply to entertain you? 

  • Ability to read charts and graphs

  • Ability to analyze and interpret poems

  • Ability to read almost any texts such as literature, novel, science, philosophy, business, or anything your heart desire

The Grammar for Writing Foundation review including:

Grammar for Writing is a step by step course in grammar, sentence building, usage, and punctuation designed to provide a quick recapitulation of the all elements of language. A very substantial part of these steps deals with sentence construction and types of subordination. The course also teaches the placing of modifiers, dangling construction, parallelism, and other grammatical concepts. 

To teach grammar fast, it uses Small Steps E-Learning method. To complete this course, student will take about 6000 small steps. After completing all steps one time and going through 300 review steps in an adaptive mode 7 times, student will know Grammar for Writing and will able to write concise, coherent and effective English. Student should take Grammar for Writing  course, before taking Writing foundation course.

The Writing Foundation review including:

  • Sentence Structure Improvement: You will understand the relationships between clauses, unnecessary shifts in sentence construction, the placement of modifiers, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments. Sentences that contain structural problems result in a lack of clarity. These problem sentences contain faulty logic, as well. In short, sentences with poor structure are unclear and ambiguous; often they just don't make sense. 

  • Sentence Combining: You will learn how to combine two or more redundant or repetitious sentences to make one better sentence. Numerous studies have shown that Sentence Combining is the one of the best tools to learn sentence writing.
  • 20 Sets of Transition Words: You will know these transition words to make your writing easier to understand and create relationship between two sentences and ideas.

  • Paragraph Writing Process and Improvement: You will learn how to write a topic sentence and how to develop it to a paragraph. Further, you will learn how to spot sentence order that would result in the best paragraph. You will learn how to combine paragraphs into an essay.

  • Essay Writing and Grading: You would be able to do any standard 5 paragraphs narrative/descriptive/argumentative essay or letter within 30 minutes. This course will also teach you how to grade your essay or letter. 

The comprehensive English review including:

  • Ensure subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement—L.3

  • Choose words and phrases for effect—L.3.3a

  • Produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons—L.4

  • Correctly use frequently confused words (e.g., to/too/two; there/their)—L.4.1g

  • Choose words and phrases to convey ideas precisely*—L.4.3a

  • Choose punctuation for effect—L.4.3b

  • Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense—L.5.1d

  • Use punctuation to separate items in a series†—L.5.2a

  • Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and person—L.6.1c

  • Recognize and correct vague pronouns (i.e., ones with unclear or ambiguous antecedents)—L.6.1d

  • Recognize variations from standard English in their own and others’ writing and speaking, and identify and use strategies to improve expression in conventional language—L.6.1e

  • Use punctuation (commas, parentheses, dashes) to set off nonrestrictive/parenthetical elements—L.6.2a

  • Vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader/listener interest, and style‡—L.6.3a

  • Maintain consistency in style and tone—L.6.3b

  • Place phrases and clauses within a sentence, recognizing and correcting misplaced and dangling modifiers—L.7.1c

  • Choose language that expresses ideas precisely and concisely, recognizing and eliminating wordiness and redundancy—L.7.3a

  • Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb voice and mood—L.8.1d

  • Use parallel structure—L.9–10.1a

The comprehensive Reading review including:

  • Determining the Relationships

  • Making Strategic Eliminations

  • Understanding Word Types

  • Finding the Right Opportunities

  • When Truth Doesn't Equal Correctness

  • Avoiding the Trap of Familiarity

  • Making Logic Work for You

  • Skimming Techniques to Save Time

  • Keys to the Sentence Completion Section

The comprehensive Writing review including:

  • Approaching the Topic

  • Brainstorming for Success

  • Picking a Main Idea

  • Starting Your Engines

  • Strength Through Diversity

  • Weeding Your Garden

  • Creating a Logical Flow

  • Avoiding the Panic

  • Checking Your Work

Receive the Following Bonuses

Since we know it's 100% to your benefit to use our e-course, we want to further encourage you by also including the following with your order:

Bonus One

Study Secrets- The way to get the test score that you deserve is by proper preparation. The best preparation includes both knowing what to study and how to study. Our Exam Secrets study guide will teach you what you need to know, but our Study Secrets bonus will show you HOW to use the information to be successful on the test. The ability to learn faster will accelerate the progress you make as you study for the test. Here is some of what is included in the bonus:

  • Starting off right by having the proper mindset and intensity

  • Designing the right plan and the right schedule to help you stay focused

  • Creating the right goals that will help you target the success you deserve on the test

  • Working through your preparation plan as you study

  • Recognizing the difference between effective and ineffective studying

  • Understanding how to use the resources you have available and identifying the key information you need to succeed

  • Being prepared for the unexpected and staying focused on the day of the exam

Study Secrets teaches you everything you need to know about studying, so that you can maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend in preparation; the techniques provided are guaranteed to get you the results you deserve on the day of the test. Study Secrets is the most in-depth, comprehensive study manual available and is completely free with the purchase of e-Course.

Bonus Two

How to Overcome Test Anxiety- Do you get really nervous the day before important tests? If so, you could be suffering from a mild form of what's known as "test anxiety." The report we include gives you some of the latest important research into test anxiety, including our exclusive tips on how to make the test-taking experience as stress-free as possible while maximizing the score potential you have.

You Can't Lose With Our 100%, Ironclad, Money Back Guarantee

We insist that you order e-course entirely at our risk. That's why it comes with a Risk-Free, 60 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Why are we going to such great lengths?

Even though we are absolutely confident in the quality of our e-course and its ability to help you get the results you deserve, we want to completely eliminate the possibility of any remaining doubts or concerns.

So go ahead and order your copy of the course today. Take the time to use it and profit from it. If you use any one of our secrets, and somehow fail to recoup your small investment in the form of the test result you want - send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you get an immediate 100% refund of the purchase price.

Now let us take the guarantee one step further. If you don't like this exclusive course for ANY reason you can ask for an immediate 100% refund of the purchase price. And remember, this is a 60 days - no hassle, no questions asked guarantee.

We understand that it may be hard for you to believe that this sort of worldclass course really exists- something that is unconditionally guaranteed to work or your money back, and is being offered at such a low price. If you don't mind, let us speak from the heart and we'll let you in on one of our main motivations:

We're sick and tired of good people losing opportunities because of the score they get on a test.

A good test score opens doors- and when the door doesn't open, dreams and ambitions die, and we think that's a horrible thing.

If you think there's even the smallest chance that this e-course will help you, you owe it to yourself to try out our product. Don't let fear or doubt stand in the way of what could be the best opportunity you have to achieve the test score you need to fulfill the dream you deserve.

What we're saying is, don't decide now if the product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything we say and more, if you don't save time, money, and frustration, if it isn't what you thought it was, if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under the no-loopholes guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Online Tutoring: Compare with Other Options

Compare with Other Options



Here's why you should use and recommend AMSAP Tutors:


Private tutoring Learning center Other online tutors
Convenient tutoring at home YES Sometimes - YES
Personalized instruction YES YES - Sometimes
Proven tutoring YES - - -
Proven AMSAP study plan Yes - - -
Small Steps Learning for student to learn fast Yes - - -
Tutoring available 24x7 YES - - -
Free ongoing assessments YES Sometimes - Sometimes



4 months course fee:

Price based on 1 hour per day 5 days a week (20 hours per month total tutoring)
(for 4 months)



2 months course free:

Price based on 2 hours per day 5 days a week (40 hours per month total tutoring)

(for 2 months)




One month course fee:

Price based on 4 hours per day - 5 days a week for 4 weeks (80 hours per month total tutoring)
$400 total $3200/month $1600/month -

Get the K5-K12 English e-Course & Guide: Here is How to Order

The webbased course can be ordered directly from this site.

It doesn't require any special software- if student can read this web page, and have access to a computer, you have all you need to start using and applying the test secrets within five minutes after receiving your login info. You don't have to wait for anything to come in the mail.

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AMSAP Tutoring Grade 12 English course with 4 months study plan: Get 1 hour / day,  5 days a week online K12 English tutoring service for $100 per month for 4 months. (Note: For 4 months tutoring plan, your initial charge will be $100. You will then be charged $100/month for 3 months after your initial charge has been made.)

AMSAP K12 English course with 2 months study plan (coming soon!): Get 2 hours / day,  5 days a week online K12 English tutoring service for $200 per month for 2 months (Renews every month at $200)

AMSAP K12 English course with 1 month study plan (coming soon!): Get 4 hours / day,  5 days a week online K12 English tutoring service for $400 total fee


Self Study K5-K12-English Course

AMSAP Self Study K12 English Course $100 total fee   (It is a self study course where online tutor support is provided for 30 days via forum or email within 24 hours excluding weekend.)


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